Feeling Fragile

I used to be confident – confident to try new things, talk to new people, travel the world, generally confident to be me.  Somewhere along the way that confidence diminished – I can’t pinpoint when or why but I assume it was a gradual change.  If you were to meet me this lack of confidence would not be obvious, but those people who know me best can probably see it, especially my poor husband (the Stinker) who has to make ALL the phone calls these days!

I think that having children might have been the start of it.  As those of you with little ones know, it becomes a minefield of advice/support/criticism for the way you are bringing up your children. A once confident person can quickly have it knocked out of them (which happened within a week of our little Poppet’s early birth) and it’s tricky to build it up again.

I now have three little people in my life (A nearly 7 year old Poppet, a close to 6 year old Pickle and a 2 year old Piccalilli) and I have to say that my confidence as a mother has increased each time… “Shall we have another one to test the theory?!” Cue scared look from the Stinker and only male in our house!

I guess my decision to write a blog is because my confidence has increased enough to do so and/or because I’d like it to increase my confidence more… so please be kind!!



11 thoughts on “Feeling Fragile

  1. I love it Lorna!’ Beautifully written, il be your favourite fan 🙂 keep growing in confidence you can do amazing things as you have been doing amazing things in the nearly 7 years we’ve known you…. Gorgeous family xx
    Good luck ! X

    Neighbours from Oz xx


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