Cold Feet and Conkers

“Autumn days when the grass is jewelled…” I often find myself singing this as I skip down the garden to feed the chickens on these misty mornings – okay, I might not be telling the full truth.  It is true that I often have that song running through my mind, but the skipping part is definitely a long way from reality.

For me autumn is full of contradictions…

I love collecting conkers on a crisp October afternoon – throwing sticks into trees to knock them down, stamping on the shells to pop out the smooth, shiny gems, getting home and drilling holes for family conker tournaments.  Oh, and putting conkers in the corner of every room to deter spiders (does this really work?!).  But I do not love having cold feet while I do this.  Is it me or does it feel too soon to put the winter boots on?  In fact, cold feet seem to be a theme for me at this time of year.  Last night while lying in bed I sent the Stinker a text message telling him of my chilly issue (he was only downstairs but don’t tell me you never text your partner when they’re in the same house!).  His response: ‘Put some socks on’ – sexy!


Back to autumn… I love the changing colours – they are so vibrant and varied: deep purples (not the band!), rich reds, warm oranges, sunny yellows.  We love our family trips to Westonbirt Arboretum at this time of year kicking through the rainbow of leaves.  I also love the beautiful autumnal skies – early morning sunrise through the fog (I have to admit I don’t see many of these!) and early evening sunsets.  I often wish I was an amazing artist (believe me I’ve tried!) so I could capture those colours forever, but I have to accept they are a beauty to hold in my memory.

If only these beautiful colours were visible every day, but sadly I find this time of year to be dominated by dull, grey days which I’m sure no-one loves.  Linked to this of course is the lack of sunshine (I’m a summer person – give me the sun 12 months a year please) and with that the need to wear so many more clothes.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a naturist, but I am happier in less clothing!  I’d also be happier if I didn’t have to keep sorting out my wardrobe.  I can hear the Stinker questioning this as I do quite like a sort out, but I had only just got my summer wardrobe organised then the colder weather set in!  It’s not that I really care about fashion, but I can’t really wander around in shorts and vest tops in October can I?! Actually, maybe I could – I do love a log fire, but that’s another story!


2 thoughts on “Cold Feet and Conkers

  1. It is a privilege to read some of your inner thoughts and to be sharing a snippet of your beautiful life. Good job! Keep those blogs coming xxx


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