Hiding behind the sofa!

Tuesday was a good day for me spending time with a lovely friend and her children, catching up after a few weeks of not seeing each other due to various illnesses. It was unfortunately not a good day for Pickle who was out of sorts and couldn’t explain why. (I wonder if her late night up reading had anything to do with it!?)

lyra x.jpg

Do you ever have those days when you just want to hide behind the sofa and be left alone?  Well that was Pickle’s day 😦 I decided it was best just to leave her there in her own space reading Beano annuals rather than socialising and just spending her time getting angry and upset. Thankfully my friend thinks in a very similar way to me so didn’t mind Pickle hiding behind her sofa!

When we got home Pickle’s mouth was swollen up and she said it felt tingly. This is only the second time it’s happened to her but obviously an allergic reaction to something. I used to get them a lot when I was a child so she sucked ice and it gradually returned to normal.

Yesterday everything was back to normal and the big Ps played happily with a small group of friends at a home ed gathering; Pickle was the organiser of an outdoor cooking game on an old BBQ and it was lovely to watch from a distance (through the window – it was cold!) seeing her leading a game with a group of children.

Upon returning home the three Ps disappeared upstairs to practise a ‘show’ and after dinner the Stinker and I were invited to watch Annie! It was remarkably good in places and in others I wished I had a sofa to hide behind 🙂


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