Poppet, Pickle and Piccalilli

Following on from Who Am I? I’ve been reflecting a lot today about how the three P’s came into my life… I guess I do this more when it’s one of their birthdays, so I thought I’d share it (but no gory details, don’t worry!).



The Poppet entered our lives just over seven years ago, 5 weeks early (the day after I finished work for Maternity Leave!) and weighing 5lb15oz (I’m afraid that I don’t know the metric conversion and being British that doesn’t bother me!).

Of course our lives changed instantly but she was mostly a relaxed baby so the decision to have another baby soon after was easy to make…


IMG_6751 (2)

When Poppet was 1 year and 3 weeks old Pickle arrived – 6 years ago today, 2 weeks early, very quickly (30 minute labour) and weighing 7lb6oz.

She was a very chilled out baby – friends used to joke that it had been a fake pregnancy as she slept for most of the first four months of her life! However, as soon as she hit 18 months she really began to live up to her nickname… let’s say it wasn’t so much the terrible twos but more the awful 18 months (and onwards)!



We’d (I’d) always wanted number 3 but we needed a bit of a break when the combination of Poppet and Pickle really hit us! So when Poppet was nearly five and about to start school our little Piccalilli arrived (only a few days early this time, weighing 7lb13oz).

She was the most chilled of all three P’s and, despite now being two, has continued to be a very calm, content little person. I realise I probably write less about her, but I think that’s because (at the moment) she causes us so little concern!  Does that mean she’ll be the nightmare teenager? I hope not!

Who Am I?

This is a question I’ve asked myself many times!

So, it’s Day 3 of my 30 day challenges and I thought that some of my readers might like to know a bit more about me…

Tonight I’m a frazzled Mummy! Tomorrow is Pickle’s 6th birthday so, as all good parents do, we’ve left the organising to as late as possible (the night before!). I’ve been cake making, gift wrapping, balloon blowing, banner hanging and card writing (luckily the Stinker does the fantastic card making!).

I wish I could claim to be an earth mama, but as much as I love nature and wished I lived in a yurt eating organic food and using only natural products, our life is pretty mainstream (in a regular house, eating some organic food and trying to cut chemicals out of our lives). Does this bother me? Yes!

I’m a dreamer but also a realist. As much as I wish some of the above could be true, I also know that the reality of it is not easy in this time, in this place. I do often think I was born into the wrong era; the make do and mend sentiment of the WWII period would suit me better (although losing my loved ones to war would not).

I’m sentimental and emotional. These two traits have caused me problems in the past, meaning I often try to suppress them these days and really worry when I see them so strongly in Poppet’s personality.

I’m very strong-willed so despite the fact that I’m feeling exhausted this evening I will still write this blog; I will not fail my challenge!

Maybe some of you could tell me who you are? I’d love to know who’s reading my ramblings…

30 day challenges…

So this month I have set myself a couple of challenges: one of which I envisage to be pretty straight forward; the other will be a bit more tricky!

Challenge 1: No booze

IMG_20151101_173403I’ve taken this challenge in different forms many times over the years. I always remember the time when I was in my final year at uni and everyone thought I was mad for having 3 months booze-free! I find it easy though as I don’t really enjoy feeling ‘drunk’ (as I recently explained in Now and Then) and would rather save the money. I do think I might miss my Friday evening glass of wine but there are only four Fridays to get through!

Challenge 2: Writing daily

I’ve taken this challenge along with my new Blogging friend (Toolongdidntwrite) as a way to push myself. I’m also thinking about using it as a way to get my girls to write more, as writing for a purpose is much more meaningful (so look out for a few guest posts from Poppet and Pickle!)

However this could prove to be a more difficult challenge – as I’m so new to Blogging I’m worried about a few things:

  • I might have nothing to write about.
  • My writing could end up a bit boring!

So,  I hope I find enough to write about and don’t bore people along the way!

Wish me luck…