Christmas crafts: spiral Christmas trees

Sunday was all about making the house as Christmassy as possible with lights and decorations. It also involved Christmas crafts that all the Ps could do together while I cooked dinner and the Stinker felt sorry for himself (after a night out on the razzle dazzle!)

Spiral Christmas trees

You need: green paper or card, Christmas stickers, felt pens, scissors20151206_180141x

  1. Draw a spiral on your green paper or card
  2. Decorate with stickers or draw pictures, ensuring they stay between your lines (I was amazed by how well Piccalilli did hers!)
  3. Cut along the lines carefully
  4. Decorate the other side (we did this after we had cut out as otherwise wouldn’t have known where our lines were!)
  5. Hang up 🙂


We all (yes all five of us!) enjoyed making these trees and they look very effective. We are planning on making lots more!

Oh, and if you like the look of the little Father Christmases hiding above, have a look at my post on Loo Roll Father Christmases!


Christmas crafts: Loo roll Father Christmas!

The weather today is awful; I was meant to be taking the Ps to see Christmas lights being turned on but nobody would enjoy that in this torrential rain…

So, it’s an arts and crafts day…

This morning, I actually left the Stinker in charge (or should that read ‘Poppet’?!) while I went out to do a big food shop. While I was out they did the best thing possible with loo rolls at this time of year:

Loo Roll Father Christmas

You will need : loo rolls, red paint, red felt, cotton wool, black pen/paint

  1. Paint 2/3 of the loo roll red
  2. Draw/paint a face on
  3. Make hat with red felt and cotton wool
  4. Attach hat and cotton wool for beard

And here they are…


Can you guess who made which one?!

The big Ps are currently making Christmas cards to send to the Japanese students who have stayed with us for the past two summers. I’m not sure of postal dates, but it’s keeping them busy so the Stinker and I can watch the tennis!